How does NNJKids Work

How does NNJKIDS work?

  • All members of the Jewish community in Bergen County are asked to contribute toward the NNJKIDS communal fund. This can be as little as $1/day or $30/month, although, of course, we welcome as much as you can afford to donate

  • Our goal is 100% participation, reinforcing the sense of communal responsibility — kol yisrael areivim zeh l’zeh — which is premised on the understanding that the spiritual and academic foundation provided to our children in our schools assures the strength and continuity of our community as a whole.

  • Funds are allocated quarterly on a per-capita basis, based on the number of Pre-K through 8th grade students in each JEFG-affiliated school. Contributions to NNJKIDS are tax-deductible. Matching grants are welcome.