School Partnership Initiative

Strategic Initiative:
Achieve greater quality and efficiency by implementing creative solutions and sharing best practices across the network of schools

We are extremely fortunate to have multiple high quality schools in our community. Not only do our schools provide exceptional Jewish and secular education for our children, they offer outstanding special services and are at the forefront of using technology to enhance the classroom experience. Our schools deliver that high quality education at a lower cost than the public schools in our area. That being said, our schools are still very expensive.

Why does day school education cost so much? Roughly 80% of schools' budgets are attributable to faculty salaries and benefits. Much of the other 20% involves fixed costs, such as mortgage and utilities. Reducing costs is no easy task without sacrificing the quality of the education that is necessary for our children to succeed in an ever-changing, competitive world.

JEFG has been the pioneer nationally in working with Yeshiva University’s Institute for University-School Partnership to apply benchmarking to help each school identify cost savings and enhance their individual development efforts, with the goal of reducing tuition. As with NNJKIDS, our goal is to identify creative solutions and to share best practices across the network. In addition, JEFG has been working closely with the OU to gain access to untapped funding.