Communal Leadership

JEFG and our schools benefit greatly from the support of the rabbinic leadership in our community, who care deeply about the continuity of Jewish education – for both children and adults. Our committed rabbinic leaders meet with JEFG semi-annually to review progress to date and to offer insights and recommendations. Further, they have incorporated ‘NNJKIDS Month’ into their synagogues and, from the pulpit, encourage their members to participate to help sustain quality Jewish education for all. Their leadership in our community around day school affordability and sustainability is invaluable.

In addition, JEFG benefits tremendously from the support and involvement of both local and national Jewish organizations, which have put the power of their expertise and resources behind our mission. They are committed to helping us find solutions to day school affordability – and see our community as an incubator of ideas that can benefit Jewish communities across the country.