The Challenge


Research has shown that Jewish education has a tremendous impact on Jewish identity. We in Bergen County are extremely fortunate to have multiple Jewish educational institutions that provide our children with exceptional Jewish and secular educations, helping to forge and foster their Jewish identities so that they become Jewishly engaged adults.

While our schools deliver that high quality education at a lower cost than the public schools in our area, our schools are still expensive and, like all communities across the country, we have tremendous economic challenges helping families afford to give their children a Jewish day school education. Approximately 25% of families across the community receive tuition assistance, totaling $7.5 million a year – and that number is growing. We need to come together as a community to solve the problem of Jewish day school affordability, so that our children can continue to receive the kind of rich Jewish education that will have lifelong impact on their Jewish identities.

That’s where JEFG comes in.